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The Wizards of the Greenway are made up of anyone who wants to take up the mantle, but the spirit of this particular wizarding order is one of freedom and whimsy in the face of the stupid creeping doom that gnaws the Earth, our hearts, minds, and bodies. The world is a silly place and a bunch of goobers who take themselves too seriously are doing their darndest to avoid folks having a brighter tomorrow. It may be stupid to proclaim yourself to be a wizard, but no more stupid than credit scores or mutually assured destruction, and its a ton more fun! SO GET OUT THERE AND WORK SOME MAGIC!


West Meadows is a nifty little park nestled in between a dirty little stream called Jordan Creek, a metal recycler, railroad property, and Springfield's downtown. I like to call this neck of the woods my swamp. The place has been remediated from former railroad use and has some cool hills made from the encapsulated former top soil. This place also has some neat history, the stream caught on fire in 1908, and possibly in the 70's as well, more on that later! This was also real close to the first structure built in Springfield and I hear the first log for this structure was brought from 5 miles away by an enslaved woman who generally is not acknowledged in the construction of some Fulbright goober's cabin (more details on this later too, will be getting more indepth history a month or so). The walk was so long because this area actually was a grassland at that time, but these days Springfield has a fairly thick urban forest.