The book for April is "A Psalm to the Wild-Built" by Becky Chambers. It's a solarpunk novella I hear acording to the ol' wikipedia page. The story revolves around a traveling Tea Monk named Dex making first contact with one of the long lost robots that became sentient and cast away their tools to go vibe in the woods centuries ago. Dex rides a rad sounding ox-bike that tows a tea cart which doubles as their dwelling while providing tea and emotional support to folks out in the world. Just the idea of that kind of setup is enough to get me interested.

I picked up a copy from my local library, but I'm sure you may find it most anywhere books are sold! Of course, if you can avoid that Jeff goober's monopolist behemoth, that best fits the spirit of this book club! As an anti-authoritarian book club though, do what you feel like man, but know that systems of oppression thrive in part by becoming the unthinking default, and in my opinion taking energy out of those systems and puting it in those you want to succeed is best!

Book discussion can be held wherever and among whoever, I'll throw some thoughts of mine on here when I finish it. Folks in Springfield area may seek me out for an in person discusion in the final week o the month! How you may ask? Not sure yet, maybe a series of riddles or a poorly drawn map!

It's Earth Month! I'll be vibing at a sick spot where one can have a round in her honor and work in the dirt with the bugs and such! Stop on by at 5 - 6pm if you find this message in time! Otherwise, talk about the book with your friends!


This book by Becky Chambers was the April 2024 book, and this wizard enjoyed it a lot. I liked that the robot didn't fall into too familair of tropes and I liked the world building as well. Very cool grapling with purpose and discontent, always nice to be remined that its rad and wierd just to be here and maybe that is purpose enough. More thoughts will be scrawled later, this is but a quick first pass/placeholder post!